Ensembles and projects:

I enjoy playing chamber music a lot. Through out the years I have found wonderful musicians to work with and the projects consist og music from early music to contemporary music and folk music.

Doppler Duo – Duo with Tina Christiansen, organ/harpsichord. We are mainly playing music from the baroque time period, among others J. S. Bach and A. Vivaldi. We combine the early music with Nordic piece by C. Nielsen, E. Grieg and H. Alfvén and contemporary piece written especially for the duo. 
Read more: www.dopplerduo.dk

Photo: Still Words Photography

Photo: Still Words Photography







Dual Aura – Duo with the Australian baroque violinist Ben Dollman. The program consists of folk music, baroque music and contemporary music. We play most of our repertoire by memory and uses theatrical elements during the concert.

Foto: Dual Aura

Photo: Dual Aura








Krydsfelt – Duo with Nicolas Koch-Simms, hurdy-gurdy. Educated in classical music and traditional folk music, respectively. We explore early music, medieval music and folk music.
Read more: www.krydsfelt.dk

Foto: Still Words Photography

Photo: Still Words Photography







Trio Nebula – In Trio Nebula I work together with Els van der Weij (saxophone) and Ruud Roelofsen (percussion). The interesting combination of instruments triggers a lot of curiosity. We are working with contemporary music and how we can make contemporary music more accessible to a broad audience. In the fall of 2014 we released our first CD: “Puls”. 

Read more: www.trionebula.com

Photo: Marije van den Berg

Photo: Marije van den Berg






Fionian Quartet
 – Baroque quartet with Marie Louise Odgaard (soprano), Ida Franck (baroque cello) and Tina Christiansen (harpsichord).

Read more: www.fionianquartet.dk 

Foto: Fionian Quartet

Photo: Fionian Quartet





The Nordic Baroque Band – is a Nordic collaboration between 6 professional musicians from Denmark and Sweden, specializing in early music on original instruments. The band was founded in 2014 and is known to experiment with the classical concert form, touch and surprise the audience with an energetic and output.
Read more: www.nordicbaroqueband.com

Foto: Jonas Jakobsson

Photo: Jonas Jakobsson

Tanzi & Manzi – Recorder duo with Kirstine Lindemann. Tanzi and Manzi is a performance project built up around the two characters Tanzi and Manzi. The performance is not based on a choreography, but movements that underline the structure of the music.
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Foto: Rose Media

Photo: Rose Media







Teater Uden Scene – “Theater without a stage” is interactive music theater performances made by musicians and actors. Together they create a performance on different locations, such as shops, factory halls etc.

Read more: www.teaterudenscene.dk

Foto: Mina Fagerlund

Photo: Mina Fagerlund