Solo concert:
The programs: “Small Historical Scenes” and “Recorder Comeback”
No sheet music – just music, tales and surprises. The program will be a collection of my absolute favorite pieces. For me, storytelling is an indispensable part of a concert experience, and I look forward to sharing my stories and thoughts about the music with the audience.

Solo attendance/church:
I can take part in the church service and play solo pieces or pieces with the organist. In addition, I play hymns as well.

>> Monica’s recorders are a wonderful match to the organ music! So varied, festive, woeful, lifely!
(Organist Kirsten Hegner)


Dual Aura

Recorder & Violin/viola

Duo with the Australian baroque violinist, Ben Dollman.

Dual Aura is a cross-cultural meeting of friends with a love for communication through music. In our performances we create journeys of musical story-telling that entrance and delight audiences of all ages and backgrounds. ​ With the highest level skills as classical performers, we draw on music and improvisation from baroque and folk traditions, as well as new pieces with this spirited flavour. ​As if speaking through our instruments and performing by memory, our performances are crafted with movement and narrative to take our audiences into a different realm.

>> Perfection! The performance at the Elder Hall on Friday, 12 Oct, 2018, was one of my favorite concert experiences ever, from over 40 years of chamber music, symphony and opera. It was a delight from beginning to end. Bravo!
(Audience member)

Doppler Duo

Recorder & Organ

Duo with Tina Christiansen on organ/harpsichord/piano.

We mainly play baroque music, sonatas by Bach, well-known baroque pieces (e.g. Pachelbels Canon) and concerts by Vivaldi in our own arrangements. We combine the baroque music with Nordic pieces by for instance H. Alfvén or E. Grieg as well as modern works written specifically for the duo.

>> One witnessed an evocative and energetic concert. You rarely hear such a professional playing. Furthermore, the musicians managed to communicate with the audience in an entertaining and humorous way that brought the beautiful music down to ear height.
(Organist Lars Kristian Hansen)


Recorder & Hurdy-gurdy

Duo with hurdy-gurdy player Nicolas Koch-Simms.

We offer duo concerts with music that mixes classical music with traditional folk music. In addition, we collaborate with Historicum (Annette Herbst), where we offer musical lectures; “Højbordet” and “Kaffebordet”.

>> A beautiful performance of a musical programme from medieval to baroque, I had to completely surrender to the exuberant lightness and elegance that throughout the concert characterized the performance. […] All participants had light in their eyes after the concert, and they felt like me that they had been in another world and been given a life-giving new inspiration.
Poul Bajlum)

Tanzi & Manzi


Duo with recorder player Kirstine Lindemann.

Since 2012 we have worked with musical theatre for children. The performance “Sonateland” has been developed in collaboration with the German choreographer and director Klaus Abromeit. Tanzi and Manzi play, mime, argue and play their way through baroque music, when the temperament was fierce and the contrasts big. Join us at Sonateland: The small island where friendship, cosiness and loneliness rage with the storm over the sea and the wind in the recorders.

>> It was a pleasure to experience how music, body and drama fused together in a concert the kids will remember. […] With empathy, comic and good condi, Tanzi and Manzi delivered a beautiful musical show with a powerful and simple set, where the children eventually had to use their own bodies and became an active part of the concert. The warmest recommendations from here.
(Katrine Gjesing, Children’s Culture Consultant in Næstved)

Trio Nebula

Recorder, saxophone & percussion

Trio with Els van der Weij (saxophone)

We are on a continuous exploration to find new colours, new styles of contemporary music and in particular to find out how to make new music accessible to a broad audience. We have been working on projects that combine contemporary music and science. The music is commissioned by the trio and some of the pieces recorded on the trio’s debut album “Puls” from 2014.

>> I thought it was beautiful! Yes, I really liked it a lot. The combination of the video and the music was marvelous.
(Audience member)

Fionian Quartet

Recorder, soprano, cello & harpsichord

Baroque Quartet with Marie Louise Odgaard (soprano), Ida Franck (cello) and Tina Christiansen (harpsichord).

We all have a passion for baroque music. The program contains of vocal works, but also instrumental music in various constellations. In recent years, we have played several concerts in Denmark and we enjoy presenting the baroque music with a personal angle.

>> Fionian Quartet’s four women charmed the crowd with wonderful music. The musicians presented the music along the way. All in all, a concert which will be in the memory.
(Organist Britta Knudsen)

The Nordic Baroque Band

Recorder, violins, viola, cello & harpsichord

The NBB is a Nordic collaboration between 5 professional musicians from Denmark and Sweden. The ensemble is known for experimenting with the classical concert form and surprise the audience with an energetic and present output. The debut album from 2018 got great critics and was nominated for a Swedish Grammis for best classical album of the year.

>> “When the details are so clear, when tempos and dynamics are so well thought out, when the audible and visible interaction between the musicians is so obvious, the music brings life, dynamism and a nuanced richness that delights and surprises.”
(Mikael Krarup, Fyens Stiftstidende)